January 1, 2008
Spinthemusic.com Launched
We have finally arrived in the webcasting world!

Spin The Music is now broadcasting worldwide. We can be heard from anywhere in the world at any time. We run 24/7 stream through the Shoutcast servers.

We are a free internet broadcasting service open to everyone who wishes to listen to some of the best music in the world. There is never a charge for listening to our stream, nor is there a membership required.

Our little online webcast is, however, listener supported. We do not air commercials, except our own station promotions and IDs. This means we need your help to keep the great music coming to you. Without your donations, we could never make it as a commercial free, high quality online streaming radio station.

We will be adding different broadcast speeds in the months to come. As of right now, we only broadcast at 128kb/s. With a little luck, by the end of the summer we will have simultaneous broadcats at 32, 64, and 128kb/s for those with slower computers and/or internet connections.

We also hope to be adding more shows, DJs and features to the site as we grow. This is where you, the listeners, come into play. We are looking for new ideas to improve ourselves. If you would like to see us do something new or different, please send us an email. Our contact information can be found on the rquest page.

Spin The Music welcomes you to our site. We are glad to have you here. Without you, we become pretty pointless. We hope you enjoy your time with is and have a lot of fun listening to our music and shows. Perhaps one day we will see you at a live show!

Remember to help others find us. Tell your friends and family that we are here, broadcasting the best music ever recorded, and some that just happens to get requested by a drunk listener. If you like what you get from us, please, help us out with a donation. All donations are through paypal. You can even sign up for a monthly donation of $15 right on our home page. You would be surprised how much 50 cents a day makes a difference.

Thank you for listening to Spin The Music. We are glad to be your choice for your music needs.