April 22, 2008
Massive Traffic
7 million hits and counting!

Well, we hate to brag or be egotistical, but it seems we have quite the audience! As of April 22, 2008, we have had nearly seven and a half million visitors. It's pretty hard to be modest about those kinds of statistics.

Apparently Spin The Music know how to please the masses. Over 26 million hours of total listening hours banked, thousands of requests, and buckets of fan emails. We have even had some thank you cards and gifts sent to our cozy little studio.

We are having a lot of fun keeping you entertained, and have no intentions of stopping anytime soon. We are in the process of adding new features, new programs, and more DJs.

Listeners from all over the world have been telling us what a swell job we are doing and rooting for us to keep up the good work. Don't worry, that's exactly what we intend to do.

The DJs here at Spin The Music have a lot of ideas planned for you. We would love to tell you what some of them are, but what fun would that be? You will just have to keep checking back with us and see what we have to offer.

We are quite surprised at what we have accomplished. We have upgraded from free stream servers and Windows Media Encoder to running through Shoutcast using out new SAM broadcasting software. People seem to like our new toys and upgrades. We get quite a few comments saying how crisp and clean out streams are. We have no choice but to agree.

Some people have even claimed to be our biggest fan. We only give that title to one person, and that one person is Caleb, from Whitewood, South Dakota. We have never met anyone as dedicated to our station as this little guy. If there were more people like him in this world, Spin The Music would be the ultimate dominator of internet radio stations around the world and the only station that anyone would care to listen to. We'll continue to work on that.

We owe a lot of our sucess to our imaging expert, Jeff Straub. He has made us well known by giving us that "in your face" attitude that you hear from us all the time. Feel free to pay him a visit. We have his link posted on every single page of our site... www.jeffradio.com. So check him out, listen to his demos, and see what an imaging master can do. Thanks Jeff! You freakin rule!

Another major step in our journey has been the joining up with Club Ravens. This is a little club in the virtual world of Redlight Center. You can check them out by clicking their link on our site as well. Then go to Redlight Center, download their handy little program, which is free, by the way, and come pay us a visit in our little virtual club.