March 7, 2008
New DJ
DJ Fairplay joins Spin The Music

DJ Fairplay always wanted to be a DJ. But with her lack of experience, no media education, and young age, no one would give her a shot. Spin The Music decided to give her an internship to see what she could do. It just so happens that Fairplay had such a willingness to learn the tricks of the trade that she allowed the other DJs to put her through hell, making her do the most annoying parts of the job.

Although no one heard her, it's pretty certain that she cussed under her breath every time she was required to tune the mixer boards, organize the music library, and tally the request scored for the week. But she continued to do what she was asked to do, hoping that she would one day to get her chance to entertain the masses.

And then one day, out of nowhere, in walks DJ Supersonic with the grand idea of setting her at the mic and doing her very own show. Her maiden broadcast went without a hitch. Her hours of studying the other DJs and their techniques had paid off. She was a natural.

Listeners were a bit skeptical at first with a young gun doing her own show. But people gave her the benefit of the doubt, and sure enough, were quite impressed with her knowledge of music, personality, and fluid music sets. Her ratings soared. Hundreds of listeners at a time tuned in to hear what she had lined up for her fans. Very few were disappointed with her performance.

Although still in high school, she always finds time to keep her listeners on the edge of their seat. It's not uncommon to see her sitting in the studio with a playlist in one hand, Algebra book in the other. Even with the pressure of having to keep her audience happy, she knows what her priorities are.

Spin The Music is happy to have her aboard. She has done incredibly well in her short time here, and there is no sign of that changing anywhere in the near future.

DJ Fairplay is not yet available for live shows, but will be in a few months. She is still learning the ropes on how to operate all of our equipment and styles.

You can listen to DJ Fairplay every Sunday night from 10PM to Midnight. There you will hear her playing music for the younger crowds. But don't be alarmed, many of the older generations have found it pretty easy to get into the same era of music and their younger counterparts.

We hope you like her as much as we do. Feel free to let her know she's doing with an email. We're sure she will be happy to hear from you.