May 19, 2008
DJ Nightshade
The night calls you.

DJ Nightshade has migrated for the local radio station to the world of webcasting. He decided that the local audience wasn't big enough anymore.

Real Name: Tony Erickson

Birthday: March 24, 1991

Started at Spin The Music: February 19, 2008

Favorite Band: Metallica

Favorite Movie: Men in Black

Coffee: Black

Vehicle: 1996 Chrysler Lebaron

Birthplace: Rapid City, South Dakota

Education: Associate's Degree

Relationship status: Married

Favorite Food: Steak and potatoes

Likes: Sports

Dislikes: News

Hero: David Draimen

Favorite Cartoon Character: Yogi Bear

Favorite Actor/ Actress: Jennifer Anniston

Afraid of: Boy bands

Biggest Goal in Life: Build a castle

Favorite Ice Cream: Mint

Favorite Soft Drink: Code Red

Worst Habit: Drives too fast